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  1. have one's fingers crossed

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    • 1. 祈求好運 I'll have my fingers crossed for you. 我將為你祝福。
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    • ☆Keep your fingers crossed to keep (one'sfingers crossed: to hope something good will happen (祝福某人好運...老爸能多寄點錢給他。)  Many people have been keeping their fingers...

    • 英文片語造句 get on with her? 6.cross one's fingers Mary sat there crossing her fingers. 7.except for... price. well as=and I have a cat as well as a dog. 9.come across=meet...

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      ...的話 補充 cross one's fingers,得要有兩隻手指才能交叉...祝福好運 I'm crossing my fingers that... but I had my fingers crossed...