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  1. have one's heart set on

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    • 1. 極度渴望 The little boy had his heart set on the Christmas gifts. 這小男孩極度渴望著聖誕禮物。





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    • 英文片語造句~~急~~~拜託拜託!!感恩啊~

      ...the task at hand and you are bond to succeed. - set one's heart on 有 "focus" 的意思 2. Let go of the...about it" 和 "放開" 的意思 3. I had a crush on a cute girl; however, when I ...

    • 英文片語造句

      1.set ones heart on(下定決心)  You should set your heart on studying, or your...的女兒是一個不錯的舞者,她從許多舞者中脫穎而出。 5.had a crush(迷戀) I used to have a cruch on...

    • set one's heart on sth. 翻不太出來~

      set one's heart on sth.─為下定決心做~事 He has his heart set on making a profit in his business. 他下定決心要讓他的生意獲利 希望對你有幫助~