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  1. have one's say

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    • 1. 有發言機會,說想說的話 Let him have his say. 讓他發表意見。
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    • 輪到你發言的英文

      ...明顯的例子: say (名詞 noun) 1. 發言權[S][(+in)] I don't think he has much say in this matter. 我想他在此事上不大有發言權。 2. 要說的話,意見[S...

    • Our society, he contends ,..

      ...become so fragmented that no one knows anymore whether another person will have a clue as to what he's saying.他聲稱我們的社會變得如此的分裂,以致於沒有人還會瞭解另一個人所說的話...

    • 英文翻中文<急>

      ...感人) 這句是現在式句型 主詞 review~評論 動詞 says~說(因"評論"作第3單,故動詞加s) 代名詞...with whom i've discussed this film has told me it's really brilliant. (一...