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  1. have had one too many

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    • 文法問題 for one ~~~~

      to have one too many = 多出一(人/物) one可以換作two, three ... 見<遠東新世紀英漢辭典>p.852 many的解釋 one是量詞,屬形容詞。 one too many broken windows = 在多次打破窗戶後,現在又再一次打破窗戶 ...

    • 英文作文- A special memory (( 急需

      ... own life. I have one, too. (You can play joke..., no, it is many. " to make everybody laugh...year. *** There has much garbage and the water... were many garbages and water...

    • 忙煩各位大大幫我live英文雜誌句子訂正 改成 youself One to AM call from my girlfriend,it was one call too many! I am having a problem with firls,but you can't understand,so why i shloud talking about...