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    have the pins and needles

    • ph.
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    • My foot is asleep

      ...lost feeling in your foot, it might have felt heavy, or you might have felt "pins and needles." But why would your foot fall asleep? Many people say this...

    • 求英文兒歌的歌詞!!

      ...have none, I have none, I have none. Gold and silver I have none, My fair lady. Build it up with needles and pins, Needles and pins, Needles and pins. Build...

    • 有誰有這首歌的中文翻譯

      ...'t push you unless you have a net 我絕對不會逼你如果...跟蝴蝶一起 So go on and fly then boy 隨去吧 ...上看是好看 I fear with pins and needles around 我卻對它感到害怕得...