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    • 請問有關飯店的英文對話~

      ...a room for 5.... Charles Nelson: Excuse me, you have a room for $5? I did not know there is a special was so good. ...

    • 英—中central res

      1.-with confirmation-that I dont' have any room for with confirmation 不是事實證明 而是訂房後,飯店... are usually one-timers who have to be in town for a meeting" 意思為: 使用中央訂房系統...

    • [聽寫]約一分鐘

      We have a whole room for the binders, pencils, pens, and notebooks. So..., some are g___, you see the few fem___ trailers around while people have to come back. So, it's not the best of time in this area, and ...