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  1. have someone on toast

    • ph.
      be in a position to deal with someone as one wishes
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    • 幫我翻譯一下英文!! 是填個人資料的

      ... you in a relationship 有婚姻嗎 Do you have a crush on someone 你曾經迷戀某人嗎? Ever been ... 巧克力或者香草 French Toast or French Fries 法式土司或者薯條...

    • Here is to+N做何解釋

      ...'s to Bill on his retirement, or Here...phrase, nearly always used as a toast to someone or something, is a ...of here's a health to and has been so used since...

    • 拜託誰會翻阿我要一次依據翻阿很清楚的翻喔

      ... them or making a toast. 因此,與法國人交際時最好是用英文... in politics to conduct business on every level, from big enterprise to small time...交易。 This new political freedom has given Russians the opportunity...