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  1. have something to offer

    • ph.
      have something available to be used or appreciated
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    • 英文,改寫成須主詞 it 的句型.急死人!!!!!!!!!

      ... me. 答案It開頭! It interests me that you have something to offer. 老登

    • 請求很會翻譯的人協助我翻譯

      ...compact size 倫敦的美在於她緊密的都市結構. London really does have something to offer everyone. 倫敦實際上有各式各樣的東西來提供給每一個訪客. A bustling...

    • Provide的用法

      to offer something to somebody He had offered cocaine to an undercover police officer. to offer... a playroom for children to provide something to somebody We provide legal advice and services to...