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  1. have something to say for oneself

    • ph.
      contribute a specified amount to a conversation or discussion
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    • ph.
      contribute to a conversation or discussion, especially as an explanation for one's behavior ...

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • I asked one of my colleague to

      ...是第一次了, 類似的情形在之前也發生了幾次. For example, one day I bought lunch with my leader...這個月要做多少業績 I just wanted to say something to break the silence. 我只是想找話題來避勉尷嗄...

    • Why you like vivian westwood?

      ... homework for you will cause you...trouble. If you have no idea about ... suggest you to check it our on the internet first. have already have something to say, why not trying...

    • 我要問英文Cloze Tests

      ...應試者(5)(C)with meet with 處理(6)(D)minded mind one's own business 管自己的事情(7) (B)something make something of oneslef 成功(8)(B)figure out 理解(9)(B)for mean for 意味(10)(C)realizing