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    • 幫忙翻譯一些英文?20點~~~不要用電腦翻的~

      ...越過這些歷程。 I'm beginning to think that it's good to have a limited space for writing journals. Who has time to read pages...

    • 菲律賓人傳給我的一封英文簡訊..翻譯中文!

      My heart has a big space for a friend like you. 我心裏有大片地方留給像你這樣的朋友. If I...'v placed you in my'll be staying......for life. 因為我曾經把你放在心上,你會停留在.....為了生命 簡訊通暢達意且感人...

    • 何謂has been gone to space?

      A: I don't need to do it anymore; what a relief! 我不需要再做這個了, 如釋重擔! B: It seems like your mind has been gone to space recently. 最近, 好像你的心已經被帶去外太空了 老登