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  1. have the last laugh

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      笑到最後;取得最後的勝利 He may be basking in his glory now, but there is no telling who will have the last laugh. 他現在也許得意洋洋,但是誰會笑到最後還不知道。
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    • (英文) will 以及 符號 問題

      ...破折號在句子中是補註說明的用法. 原文:『 Who is going to have the last laugh? 』 問題: 可否改寫為 Who will have the last laugh? 語意是否會變? 誰...

    • about Tiger Wood--------

      ...all of the criticism he has taken, he showed everybody up and had the last laugh. 老虎伍茲 (Tiger Woods) 蒙受四面八方的批判和指責, 但他最終...

    • 求「多久沒大笑?」這句話的英文翻譯

      多久沒大笑? How long has it been since the last time you laughed loudly? 多久沒有微風吹拂,輕鬆的,開心大笑? For how long, the breeze...