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  1. have the law on sb.

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      【口】向警方告發某人, 對某人提出起訴
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    • 1. 【口】向警方告發某人, 對某人提出起訴 If you do that again I'll have the law on you. 你要是再那樣做, 我就報警。
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      ...region 拉森(larsen)干邑白蘭地是法國干邑地區的白酒蒸餾而成的產品this region has been outlined by the law on the 1st May 1909這個地區在西元1909年五月一日為法律所標註出所屬範圍...

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      ... the method of resolution, . no matter what police-man has the disobeyed action regularly . or the unfair law -enforcements is, . on the court's controversy it's complicated . when...

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