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    • 賽局理論 釋義

      ...of 10 ? (3 games out of 10 ) 10 場比賽中的3場 why? 我不知道為什麼 have the makings of an article of great interest ? 有條件成為極有興趣的文章 if you "game out"...

    • Distinguish Tropical(10點)

      ... winds. A Tropical Depression usually has all of the makings of a storm such as persistent clouds and thunderstorms but the maximum...

    • 請英文達人~幫我把這篇翻譯成英文(英語演講要用的!~~~)

      ... our household head mother is one has the makings housewife often to burn a good vegetable younger...the skill really to admire the human speaks of elder brother that to be possible to have to introduce...