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  1. have the pleasure of doing something

    • ph.
      used in formal requests and descriptions
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    • 需要修改的英文信 are the happiest person in the whole world today. By the way, do I have the pleasure OF INVITING YOU FOR DINNER BEFORE I...

    • 請幫我修改英文自傳~20點

      ...a second award of personal financial ...s because before I doing something, I always plan it... one thing is the most important, which ...point is that you have to deal with your...

    • 一些教學法的翻譯,可以麻煩幫我翻譯一下嗎

      自1986 年以來, 格拉瑟 (1988 年, 1997a) 使用了期限挑選理論而不是"控制論" 為他的方法。他更改命名為了避免關於誰的混亂有控制在決定做學生或老師。挑選理論有更加正面的口氣和重申, 個體控制他們自己的行為而不是是典當對外在刺激。今天,格拉瑟提供教室管理系統使用一種預防...