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  1. have the time of one's life

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    • 1. 【口】異常高興或興奮 The children had the time of their lives at the circus. 孩子們看馬戲時別提多高興了。
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    • I have the time all my life...

      I have the time all my life... 這要看你the time 是refer to什麼東東要看上下文才知 舉例... relationship is the most wonderful time in one's life and I have the time all my life with you. 有一個互愛的關係是每一個人一生中最美的時光,我與你...

    • Do you have the time? 答案?

      Do you have the time?不回答 "Yes" "No" 無所謂嗎? 不用 Yes...tell me what time it is? ( 就直接回答幾點幾分了。不說 Yes, I can. 若說的話,有點怪...

    • 以下兩句英文是什麼意思?

      1.Do you have the time? the 加在time的前面,有限定的意思。 指的是你有沒有...the time?= What time is it?=What’s the time? = What time do you have? 以上都是問”現在幾點鐘?”的意思!! 2.Do you...