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    have the whip hand

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    • on noise by叔本華

      ...種噪音cracking of whips(尤其是[鞭馬的聲音])句子...蔑視 those members of the community who work with ...who work with their hands=>即是” ”勞力者” an...厚顏無恥之蔑視行為here we have to do with=>在此我们...

    • 英文句子的重組~請幫我解答一下!

      .... 2. The trees have turned from green to brown. 3. He laid his hand on her shoulder. 4. What the boy needs is good whipping. 5. As soon as I...

    • 英文高手(急)二十點

      押運 你要看每句話的字尾的單子 例如 S under the holsteins' steaming noses. They sway on ...