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  1. have to do with

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    • 1. 與某人/某事物有聯繫或有關係 What do you want to see me about? It has to do with that letter you sent me. “你想見我有什麼事嗎?” “這事跟你寫給我的那封信有關。”



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    • 幫翻兩句英文翻譯

      ...問題,僅答覆於下: This wouldn't have anything to do with what that trash guy was talking...07-19 12:11:57 補充: This wouldn't have anything to do with that trash guy was talking? 這句...

    • 這句英文為何這樣翻?

      ...看看(就是把[something/nothing/anything]改為[what]): What does the damage have to do with you? 這個損害與你有何關係呢? What does Mary have to do...

    • have much/less to do

      ... level of representation—once seldom seen outside Scandinavia—has ____ to do with an upsurge in feminist thinking than with a law passed in 2003 that ...