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    have trouble

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      做某事有麻煩 Mr. Chen was having more and more trouble selling in his fruit. 陳先生賣水果時, 遇到越來越多的麻煩。
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    • I have trouble to understand

      ... is pretty good, but sometimes I have trouble to understanding the lecture at school. ... trying to understand the lecture, can you have trouble with lecture? 2014-06-24 12:44:30 補充: For...

    • I was having trouble sleeping.

      第一. 就此句看來I was having trouble sleeping. 的確是過去進行式...意思, 在此例中, I was having trouble sleeping. have 有engage in, experience...

    • 動詞文法~I have trouble (talking)

      to have trouble doing something = to find it difficult to do something 難做,而且沒做成功。例句:He was having trouble hearing her. to take the trouble to do something 例句Thank you...