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    • 求蔡健雅"拋物線"一曲之歌詞翻譯~~!!英文高手請進~~!!

      ...ever think I would be sad You should leave meLove along a paraboloid Total landings from the happiness was narrowly Bleeding heart has never been aching to cut off There is too ...

    • 醫護期刊翻譯,很急拜託拜託

      ... to the bleeding tendency. 改善患有uremic bleeding(不知道這個怎麼翻才好…患有尿毒症伴隨出血... of blood or blood products can have a number of adverse effects: (1) transmission...

    • 英文影片 中文字幕+翻譯

      ... keep your head above your heart when you have a nosebleed. Never lie down. Step 3...this position for 5 minutes. If bleeding persists, continue holding this position...