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    • 餐前 英文翻譯

      Before we/you/they have a meal. Before having a meal. Before the meal. Before we...02:34:40 補充: ●推薦解:Before the meal. ◎Before we/you/they have a meal.(為合乎文法的正式用法.但較冗長) Before having a meal.(為口語...

    • when meal 的用法

      ... 電話(短時間)是用過去簡單式 when the phone rang. 問題二 Have a meal 跟 eat a meal 基本上是都可以的 但是平常都是用 have a meal 就像我們...

    • 國中自修英文,中翻英的問題

      ...often do Adam and his friends have a meal together? "does"是第三人稱單數時使用...用意是指定, How often does Adam have party with his friends? 這句的意思應該...