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    • 碰運氣的;危險的,冒險的
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    • harmful v.s. hazardous有何差異

      hazarduos=>something that is dangerous and likely to cause damage harmful=>causing harm 從以上的字典定義可以知道差別重在修辭上 hazarduos是具有危險性而很可能造成傷害的 harmful是造成傷害的 hazarduos不但字母較多,唸起來響亮駭人,較有說服力...

    • 急! 徵求翻譯教學目標(中翻英)贈20點唷!

      我翻的是:Introduce the definition of hazardous waste, the relevant regulatory requirements, industrial... for storage and transportation, and handling of hazardous waste for our country and to the current situation of...

    • 英文翻譯 請幫忙確認是否正確

      ...machine). 其他的請參考建議蘭 Before starting confirmed Hazardous area (movable range) Are there people in the presence of 2014-11-01 07:59:33...