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  1. hazardous waste

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    • 急! 徵求翻譯教學目標(中翻英)贈20點唷!

      我翻的是:Introduce the definition of hazardous waste, the relevant regulatory requirements, industrial...for storage and transportation, and handling of hazardous waste for our country and to the current situation of...

    • 文章名稱的英文翻譯

      ...有毒金屬的焚化處理 Thermal treatment of toxic metals of industrial hazardous wastes 工業性有毒金屬的焚化處理 Thermal treatment of toxic metals of...

    • 超急!!!20點!!!有關焚化爐的英文文章

      ...waste types in niche areas such as clinical wastes and certain hazardous wastes where pathogens and toxins can be destroyed by high ...