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  1. haze over

    • ph.
      為薄霧所籠罩;變模糊; 變朦朧
    • 釋義


    • 1. 為薄霧所籠罩
    • 2. 變模糊; 變朦朧 His eyes hazed over when he thought of her. 他想起她來時, 眼前一片模糊。
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    • 我不會寫diffinition... 幫我寫的人(20點)

      ...dry particles obscure the clarity of the sky. haze, smoke , ... (2) sentence: 1.Haze crisis over Malaysia prompts talks with Indonesia 八.treacherous...

    • 找意思較近者 ! (英文)

      The brown haze that is "poised" over some of the world's largest cities is properly called...

    • 天氣霧與濕氣的英文的意思

      ...difficult to see through →haze不可數 可以指煙霧, mist,或心中的迷惑的意思 →a haze of cigarette smoke 指香煙的煙霧瀰漫 mist[uncountable and countable]a light cloud low over the ground that makes it difficult for you to see very far →mist可以...