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  1. he

    • IPA[hiː]



    • pron.
    • n.
      男子; 男孩;雄性動物
    • 釋義


    • 1.
    • 2.
    • 3. 他; 牠 everyone may do what he likes 每個人都可以做自己想做的事
    • 4. he who hesitates is lost 當斷不斷,必受其患
    • 5.


    • 1. 男子; 男孩 is the baby a he or a she? 嬰兒是男的還是女的?
    • 2. 雄性動物 the dog's definitely a he 這條狗絕對是公狗
  2. 知識+

    • He found he could....英譯中

      He found he could before his accident. 這句我...這裡could後面省略了某動作, 前文必有提及. Now he could continue his more favorite sport.(這是上一句...比xxx還快 2012-10-04 11:16:53 補充: Before his retirement from the navy 這要翻譯為: 在他從海軍退役之前...

    • he goes to China

      he goes to China:他去中國(現在事實) he went to China:他去中國(過去事實) he is gone to...

    • 請問英文「hehim」這樣改對嗎?

      He wants him to call him. 這句的...講,因為語意不清,兩個him不知誰是誰。 如果是He wants John to call him. 這個... want John to call him.裡的受詞是him, to call him是受詞補語. 這裡頭沒有子句當...