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  1. headed

    • IPA[ˈhedəd]


    • adj.
      having a head of a specified kind;having an intellect or personality of a specified kind
    • 釋義


    • 1. having a head of a specified kind bald-headed men a seven-headed dragon
    • having an intellect or personality of a specified kind woolly-headed thinking she was always cool-headed
    • 2. having a tip, end, or top part of a specified kind single-headed arrows short flat-headed nails
    • (of certain green vegetables) having the edible leafy part at the top of the stem headed cabbages
    • 3. having a particular person in charge; having a director or leader female-headed households
    • 4. (of paper) having a printed heading, typically the name and address of a person or organization headed notepaper
  2. 知識+

    • head for?

      Can you tell me where the ship is heading for? 這是一個間接問句,可還原 1.Can you....Y.I. 2006-05-08 04:10:10 補充: head當動詞用表示到哪個地方時為不及物動詞故要加地點...

    • folk ??head??

      while some folks head for the nearest Starbucks when desperate for coffee (而) 有些人很...親切稱呼,有時也可以稱 「家人」, 例如: my folks 我的家人 「head for 某地」 是 「前往某地」 的意思。 head 在這裡是動詞,表示 「頭朝向...

    • head office ?

      雖然大家都說 head office 跟 main office 可以通用 但其實是有那麼一點差別的 head office 有全球性的意味 所以你可以說, the head office of coca-cola is in Atlanta 可口可樂的全球總公司在亞特蘭大...