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    • J開頭 n開頭的英文句子

      Headline News Daily said"The 51 die in Taiwan plane crash on July24." ... that 51 people are feared dead. Jeopardized by second attempt to land, the risk was destroying the Kaohsiung to Penghu airplane landing. Now the ...

    • 5句英文解釋及造句

      ... to stay plugged in on all the latest headlines. 網路讓我們隨時掌握最新頭條新聞 2. 動用所有方法... egg in one basket if you don't want to risk end up with nothing 如果你不想到頭來落到啥都沒有話...

    • 請看這幾句英文 請幫我修正我的翻譯(2) a threat, and respond accordingly. Anything else would risk additional coalition casualties. 該聯盟將,因此,繼續... going to pick up your newspaper and see a headline like "Genetically Engineered ...