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    • 作領導者或主管人的地位,能力,職務
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    • 幫忙番一下英文

      ...the ground of the wife’s submission is expressed as the headship of the husband, it is clear that headship involves the kind of leadership...

    • 關於英文的ship

      補充: airship kinship warship worship flagship headship ladyship lordship township wardship courtship lightship spaceship transship troopship battleship censorship fellowship mastership membership penmanship seamanship generalship workmanship

    • 求P字尾的英文单字或片語, co-op, coop, gallop, gasp, gazump, get up, gift-wrap, gift shop, grasp, grip, gyp, hasp, headship, hilltop, hump, instep, jock-strap, kinship, kingcup, knees-up, knock-up, lit up, limp...