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    • 急~英文翻譯,請各位高手幫忙,贈20點~

      The growth of voluntary, for-profit health insurance plans is more recent, evolving... have also ventured into the health insurance arena, generally not very successfully. 一些經營醫院管理...

    • 急…跪求英文高手幫忙中翻英!(20點)

      Because under the health insurance system belongings reduce, tap new resources and... with the populace living standard promotion, prevention health care consciousness gains ground, the people knowledge level...

    • 誰能幫我解這個英文笑話(很短卻難理解)20點喔

      Why is a hospital gown like health insurance? You're never as covered as...想到穿著院服但是背後卻露了一大塊。加上院服跟 health insurance 都是關於醫院療養方面,有互相呼應的感覺。不過...