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    • 1. 【口】多得多 Do have a second helping -- there's heaps more. 再吃一些吧--東西多著呢。
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    • 一疊表格英文如何表達?

      ...these forms? 如果不夠再加一句:Excuse me, I might need more than those!ps. heap 也有一疊或一堆的意思,不過通常用來指不是很整齊的一疊! 2005-12-11 14:30...

    • 請大大們幫我做個影片翻譯(英翻中) 謝謝!!

      ... 900 variations of the formulas so far, some more pliable, others more rigid. It's what makes the ...

    • 請幫我翻譯成英文><

      ..., as long as you know how to control yourself. Heaps of people travel to Las Vegas, do you know what...'t it a good thing that a country has more tourist landmarks? Isn't it good thing...