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    • 有關英文翻譯 和幾個單子意思!!謝謝 20點!

      ... that are a little scary if you haven't heard of them before. 目前有許多奇異的物種,若你先前...control? V/N控制的意思,兩種都很常用。 organ? N 器官的意思。 worry? V 擔心的意思...

    • 英文問答!!!

      ... give details about the story.) I heard the biggest news of this year yesterday. President... locally.3.What’s your view on organ transplant? Would you be an organ donor?It’s...

    • 心理學專門術語的英文

      1.Hearing perception Single ear clue Ears clue: Utilize... non- regular stimulus causing There's no sense organ giving a clue outer clue: The changes of natural...