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  1. heart

    • IPA[hɑːt]



    • n.
      心臟; 他嚇得要命;胸前
    • 名詞複數:hearts

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 心臟; 他嚇得要命 heart muscle 心肌 to have a heart condition 有心臟病
    • 2. 胸前 hand on heart, with one's hand on one's heart 手放胸前發誓
    • 3. chicken/sheep's heart 雞心/羊心
    • 4. 愛心 his heart was troubled 他憂心忡忡 to give sb. one's heart, to give/lose one's heart to sb. 愛上某人
    • 5. 內心 to have what one's heart desires 擁有心中想要的東西 to put one's heart into one's work 專心致志地工作
    • 6. 勇氣 to lose heart 灰心 to take heart (from sth.) 受到(某事物的)鼓舞
    • 7. 實質 the heart of the matter 事情的實質 to get or go to the heart of sth. 觸及某事的核心
    • 8. 中心 in the heart of sth. 在某物的中心 an oasis in the heart of the desert 沙漠中間的一片綠洲
    • 9. 菜心
    • 10. 心形
    • 11. 紅桃 the ace/five/king of hearts 紅桃A/五/老K to play a heart 出一張紅桃


    1. a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation. In vertebrates there may be up to four chambers (as in humans), with two atria and two ventricles

    2. the heart regarded as the centre of a person's thoughts and emotions, especially love or compassion

    3. one's mood or feeling

    4. courage or enthusiasm

    5. the central or innermost part of something

    6. the vital part or essence


    「1. the central or innermost part of something」的反義字

    「2. the vital part or essence」的反義字

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