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  1. hearth

    • IPA[härTH]


    • n.
      the floor of a fireplace;the area in front of a fireplace
    • noun: hearth, plural noun: hearths

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    • 1. the floor of a fireplace the crackling blaze on the hearth
    • the area in front of a fireplace they were sitting around the hearth
    • used as a symbol of one's home he left hearth and home to train in Denmark
    • the base or lower part of a furnace, where molten metal collects.
    • adj.
      denoting a steelmaking process in which the charge is laid on a hearth in a shallow furnace and ...

    Oxford American Dictionary

    • n.
      a steel-making process in which scrap iron or steel, limestone, and pig iron are melted ...

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[hɑːθ]


    • n.
      the floor of a fireplace: a cheerful fire burning in the hearth

    Oxford Dictionary