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  1. heat shield


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    • 想問隔熱布的英文單字應該怎麼寫

      正確的說法應該 是heat shieldheat shield isolator,後面的isolator有點是多餘的.也可以更仔細...the hope of getting better turbo response. The heat shield that comes with the TE06H is probably enough though...

    • 不知有人是否可以幫忙下列英文怎麼寫

      ...characteristic (product characteristic) * material quality (Material): The nipple/heat resistance 120C shield plate + suspension link/heat resistance 180 print the foundation/heat resistance 110 nipple place...

    • 機械工程方面英文

      ...增加了雷諾氏數而加大且擋板的附加補強這種趨勢. 2. The attachment of a shield to a heat sink squeezes more coolant fluid into the fin-to-fin channel and enhances...