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  1. heat-treat

    • v.
      apply heat to (a material) to produce a desired condition
    • verb: heat-treat, 3rd person present: heat-treats, gerund or present participle: heat-treating, past tense: heat-treated, past participle: heat-treated

    • 釋義
    • v.
    • 1. apply heat to (a material) to produce a desired condition:

      the metal bolts are heat-treated for extra strength

      some companies heat-treat yogurt after culturing, which kills off bacteria

  2. 知識+

    • 英文短句翻譯(機械專業方面)

      ...temperature , time,etc,. 熱處理受到很多因素影響,諸如溫度,時間等等。 關鍵是如果 Heat treat is affected by temperature . 改成疑問句,Is heat treat ...

    • heat treated steel 的中文是啥呀?

      12 點高山起重吊鉤由熱處理的鋼製成。 heat treated steel =熱處理的鋼

    • 請英文高手翻譯一下

      ... after the volunteers were administered ahigh-heat-treated diet compared with the dietary intake of predominantlysteamed foods. 結果...