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    • 一段關於射出成型原文文章的翻譯(10點)

      ...意思上不會有什麼影響。 Injection molding is similar to hot-chamber die casting. The pellets or granules are fed into the heated cylinder, and the melt is forced into the mold either by a hydraulic plunger...

    • 中文句子翻譯成英文

      ...chamber it must be precooled in the preparation chamber for 8-12hrs, in order to reduce the heat before entering the seed chamber, this will avoid affecting interior humidity. 2. The preparation chamber...

    • 逆流跟橫流的英文翻譯第四段(急)

      ...system. Water strikes splash bars of cellular fill to accelerate the heat-exchange process the drift eliminators, and into the plenum chamber at the top. The fan exhausts the air through the stack. Fig...