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    heave a sigh

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    • 這一些句子要怎麼翻?

      ...lonely life. 她過著孤獨的生活。(她孤獨的生活著。) Mrs.White heaved a contented sigh. 懷特太太滿意的鬆了一口氣 【懷特太太嘆了一個滿意的氣】 They...

    • 英文故事翻譯 淺顯易懂的

      ...happen, 就連其他老師一說到704班就會搖頭嘆氣 Even other teachers heave a sigh when they talk about 704. 4.甚至有老師覺得我們是個爛班級 Some ...

    • Near Miss Reports

      ...result in injuries or property damage, but which cause everyone involved to heave a sigh of relief. These incidents point to problems and possibly to...