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    heave up

    • ph.
    • 釋義
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    • 1. 起錨
    • 2. 嘔吐
    • 3. 隆起,起伏
    • ph.


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    • What is the current year? 幫忙

      ...the bad affairs I could say are the stock’s market. that the heaved waving pulls up and down,. and then gold is still up and up. That is such a...

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      小老鼠和紅蘋果 有一天, 一隻飢餓的老鼠突然看到了一顆又多汁又大的紅蘋 果. "這正是我要的~" 她哭著說. "我要把她帶回家好好飽餐一頓" 她推著蘋果滾阿滾. 已經等不及的想要大快朵頤. "好吃好吃~" 他 心裡想著. 突然之間...

    • [急]請幫忙中翻英 很急 贈20點

      ... with activity outside the window, the majority of heaving in sight is a companion that combined because...beautifully, the stature needn't be hot, needn't make up and wipe gaudily thick, it has good manners...