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  1. heavy

    • IPA[ˈhevē]


    • adj.
      of great weight; difficult to lift or move;used in questions about weight
    • n.
      a thing, such as a vehicle, that is large or heavy of its kind.;a large, strong man, especially one hired for protection
    • adv.
    • noun: heavy, plural noun: heavies

    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • adj.
    • 1. of great weight; difficult to lift or move:

      the pan was too heavy for me to carry

    • 2. used in questions about weight:

      how heavy is it?

    • 3. (of a class of thing) above the average weight; large of its kind:

      heavy artillery

    • 4. weighed down; full of something:

      branches heavy with blossoms

    • 5. (of a person's head or eyes) feeling weighed down by weariness:

      a heavy head

    • 6. of great density; thick or substantial:

      heavy gray clouds

      a heavy blanket

    • 7. not delicate or graceful; coarse:

      he had a big mustache and heavy features

    • 8. (of food or a meal) hard to digest; too filling.
    • 9. (of ground or soil) hard to travel over or work with because muddy or full of clay.
    • 10. (of a smell) very strong; overpowering:

      a heavy scent of oil

    • 11. (of the sky) full of dark clouds; oppressive:

      a heavy thundery sky

    • 12. of or containing atoms of an isotope of greater than the usual mass.
    • 13. of more than the usual size, amount, or force:

      rush hour traffic was heavy and I was delayed

    • 14. using a lot of:

      stories heavy on melodrama

    • 15. doing something to excess:

      a heavy smoker

    • 16. striking or falling with force:

      a heavy blow to the head

      we had heavy overnight rain

    • 17. (of music, especially rock) having a strong bass component and a forceful rhythm.
    • 18. needing much physical effort:

      long hours and heavy work

    • 19. moving slowly or with difficulty:

      steering that is heavy when parking

    • 20. very important or serious:

      a heavy discussion

    • 21. (of a literary work) hard to read or understand because overly serious or difficult.
    • 22. mentally oppressive; hard to endure:

      a heavy burden of responsibility

    • 23. feeling or expressing sadness:

      I left him with a heavy heart

    • 24. (of a situation) serious and hard to deal with:

      things were getting pretty heavy

    • 25. (of a person) strict or harsh:

      my parents were getting really heavy with me in terms of work

    • n.
    • 1. a thing, such as a vehicle, that is large or heavy of its kind.
    • 2. a large, strong man, especially one hired for protection:

      I needed money to pay off the heavies

    • 3. serious newspapers:

      reporters from the Sunday heavies

    • 4. an important person:

      music business heavies

    • 5. strong beer, especially bitter:

      a pint of heavy

    • adv.
    • 1. heavily:


      his words hung heavy in the air

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