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    • 拜託 幫我中翻英 ((超急

      ...become a little pickpocket in the street, abominable environment, very heavy misunderstanding have surrounded ...far away from Oliver , Oliver's kind-heartedness lets him get help, Can elute the charge...

    • 這段的英文文法正確麼~~我看起來覺得有點怪

      他在監獄般的孤兒院中成長,孤兒院中只有不停的工作和挨餓。他逃出沒有人情味的孤兒院後被送到棺材店去當學徒,卻仍脫不了被虐待的命運, Oliver grew up in a jail-like orphanage. There is nothing but endless starvation and working inside the orphanage...