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  1. hectic

    • IPA[ˈhektɪk]



    • adj.
      忙亂的; 狂亂的
    • 釋義


    • 1. 忙亂的; 狂亂的 a hectic schedule 安排很滿的日程表 they made hectic attempts to contact her 他們拼命設法和她取得聯繫
  2. 知識+

    • hectic busy ??

      Hectic 比 busy 強 表 很忙 你可以說"it's been a hectic day OR I've had a pretty hectic day. 但你不可說 I'm hectic 你可說 I'm busy I...

    • 急..可以幫我用這些單字造句嗎?

      1.I had a hectic day in the office.我在辦公室裡忙亂了一天 2.He conducted the...

    • 一段英文看不懂 需要解釋 phone too and so I had to get new one haha its been hectic. power和internet都out,是什麼意思? Power is out = 斷電 ...