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    • Hold的英文用法?

      ...someone accountable (for something) or to hold someone responsible (for something) 認為某人得為某事負責;甚至是把事情怪罪在某人頭上 to consider someone responsible for something; to blame something on someone.

    • 李玖哲 ” 死結 ” 英文翻譯

      ... the love which actually leaves holds wants to grasp to blame own to get what one deserves my... heart I most being able to guess you will like me eliminating...

    • 中翻英,不要線上翻譯:(,我信賴人工智慧:)

      ... brother is an operator ,My elder sister holds the Floor management work at present in a ...because of sickness. However , I never to blame god and man ,instead treasures to own at present...