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    • 1. 幫忙 My father used to help me with my lessons. 我父親過去常常幫助我復習功課。



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    • need help with writing thesis

      ...event.I hope the above explanations will be of help to you. 2006-03-05 13:08:49 補充: Try this ...he finds it extremely difficult to come to terms with the inherent cruel realities that come with it, 2006-03...

    • need help with grammar

      ...也可 造句給你參考Not only could I score, but I could also help my teammates get better.我不但可以得分也可以幫助我隊友...

    • help with japanese from L.A.

      ...です。 5. I'm thirsty, how about you? 私は渇きだ、あなたは? hope that helps 2007-02-11 17:38:28 補充: contact me if you need the pronounciation or anything...