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    • 幫幫忙 英文斷落的詳細翻譯

      1You could go out for dinner,go bowling,sit around,and play card all night with your family. 你應該和你的家人一起到外面吃晚餐 打保齡球 坐在一起然後玩一整夜的牌子 2.Parents feel helpless and frustrated when their kids as well bad situations...

    • 幫我寫英文演講稿 急~

      ... are always play with me all night long. . I often win that make me very ...small and useful . . I like so much. 3. My Helpless Moment . As everyone knows, ...

    • 英文片語<速>(請翻譯)10點

      ...是愛麗絲夢遊仙境裡面的一隻兔子(資料來源:wikipedia) as helpless as a baby 如嬰兒般的無助 as jolly as a sandboy 我查...quot;,不過這片語大意為"快樂滿足" as opposite as night and day 如日夜般的相對ˋ對立 as meek as a lamb 如...