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    • 請教英文 \”嘴巴破\” 怎麼說 ?

      ... Medicine or Chinese medicine 中醫師 = Chinese herb doctor 西醫 = modern medicine 刺激性食物 = spicy food 可以用別的字特別指出刺激性食物...

    • 這段英文會話有誰會的~!!

      ... take some medicine for it ? 彼得: 我能不能吃點藥? Doctor:sure I’ll give you some sachets of power...’re easier to take than boiling fresh herbs all the time Do you want acupuncture too ? 醫生: 當然...

    • 急20點(英文翻譯)拜託幫我翻譯一下

      ...with water after meal 一天三次飯後和水服用 boil fresh herbs 煮沸未經加工處理過的藥草 eat fresh fruit and ... general health checked by a Chinese doctor 讓中國籍醫生(還是你想說中醫?)給你做一個整體的健康...