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  1. herdsmen

    • herdsman的名詞複數
  2. 知識+

    • herdsman and shepherd

      A shepherd deals exclusively with sheep, while a herdsman workd with herds comprised of other animals (goats...

    • 文言英文文法請教:KJV Genesis Ch.4

      ...創世紀文字如下: Adah bore Jabal who was the ancestor of herdsmen who live in tents; 這裡也是用現在式的live,從聖經作者來說,Jabal...

    • 急~請教一句英文文法

      ...php?dw=approach&hidden_code=01 At the approach of the evening the herdsman came to feed his cattle. 黃昏來臨時,牧人來餵他的牲口。 2) many...