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    • Good Night 翻譯

      ...晚安囉! 看起來是小孩睡前念的童謠,簡單又押韻,或是童書的短文,教 here and there 的概念。 body 是指人的身體,能睡在床上。 head 是指人的頭,能靠在枕頭...

    • 請幫我將這三個中文笑話翻譯成英文 最好能淺顯易懂些

      ... Billy pushed here and there on his back So he... before he eats and now stomach always has diarrhea...'ll think about it" when there was a weak voice saying...

    • 忙東忙西英文的說法

      ...2010-04-02 23:01:46 補充: >>Busy here and there, and life is gone. life is ...無需如此吧? 2010-04-04 08:03:34 補充: Busy here and there, and that's how life goes on. 有英文高手...