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  1. here and there

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      in various places
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    • Good Night 翻譯

      ...晚安囉! 看起來是小孩睡前念的童謠,簡單又押韻,或是童書的短文,教 here and there 的概念。 body 是指人的身體,能睡在床上。 head 是指人的頭,能靠在枕頭...

    • look here 的文法

      ...可至奇摩首頁搜尋 look here就會出現一堆,那表示的確有這種用法 here 慣用語: here and there 在各處; 到處 ex: Papers were scattered here and there on...

    • [ 英文 ]徵英文高手幫忙翻譯20點

      ... Street, the alley, and Christmas here and there, and it spills and it falls deeply auspicious occasion of Christmas happy, and . The health of the Heian era...