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  1. here today, gone tomorrow

    • soon over or forgotten; short-lived
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    • soon over or forgotten; short-lived

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    • Here tomorrow and gone today意思

      這裡用 Here tomorrow, gone today 不是你想的意思,是罵人 「好高騖遠」,不...我很好奇為什麼這兩句中英文會扯上關係? Here tomorrow, gone today 我今天失去的東西(尊嚴) 明天又是滿滿 在我...

    • 英文基礎文法~

      ...這裡可看成是she isn't going to be one who wears a greeting each other today?──中文怎麼翻 = 你們國家... won’t be here tomorrow. Marry won&rsquo...

    • were they to be eaten...文法

      ... I didn’t kiss her that time)we would probably not be together here today. (要是當晚沒有吻她,我們今天可能不會在一起了。) Were she to find...