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    • HERO SHOTS 怎嚜翻譯 ?

      HERO SHOTS 怎嚜翻譯 ?Hero shot是最近在廣告界和攝影界所形成的一個...它是指一個由某人(或某團體)所被拍攝出來、有一個主題的照片或海報,都稱為Hero shot(英雄出擊)。例如:今年在比賽的「The Outdoor Life...

    • 口頭介紹一首歌 Mariah Carey Hero 幫忙翻譯

      Today I want to introduce a song, Hero, by Mariah Carey. It was...inside you and be strong, And you finally see that a hero lies within you , Lord knows ...

    • 求文章My hero或A friend

      My hero Ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to be here with...all. Today, I am going to present the topic of my hero. With the memories I had since I was...