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  1. hidden loss

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    • 請幫我把這篇中文翻成英文

      由吉姆・Stewart 建立在1968 作為"濕頰鬚", 一家冰淇淋和咖啡店在Coupeville, 華盛頓, 西雅圖的最佳的咖啡知道作為Stewart 兄弟咖啡從1969 年到1991 年, 當它採取了它的當前名字。 西雅圖的最佳的咖啡被加入了用Torrefazione 義大利咖啡對...

    • 文章翻譯 中文翻英文

      ...plot: First paragraph: from previous to the present, our live hidden in the environment sexual harassment case, that leave too many people uncomfortable... of age, status, seniority, income, gender, nationality, are at a loss!

    • 急需英文高手,中翻英~~有關安平古堡的介紹~~不要用翻譯軟體

      ...juice, oyster hull powder, sand and syrup.It is really a gains and losses.Bother a translation a while, thank, want 5:00 ago tonight, please