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  1. high frequency


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    • 英文聯絡薄內容

      所謂的High-frequency words 是甚麼你可以由這網站得到一點慨念,http://www.janbrett...在讀一篇簡單的文章,它主要是在串連文章的貫連性,然而熟悉high-frequency words有助於加強學生在早期閱讀文章的速度及正確性...

    • 一段英文理解上有困難??

      ...role models is shown by the fact that children of high-frequency readers are far more likely to read for fun every day than children...

    • 英文翻譯(勿用翻譯軟體)影像處理方面的問題

      .... These sharp transitions in the spatial domain introduce high-frequency components along the vertical and horizontal axes of the spectrum. 一個...